Cardabots are 1111 unique, algorithmically assembled collectibles. They have been hand-drawn by our artist Notaro. They will be arriving on the 25th of October 2021 and are looking to take over the world.

No one really knows what galaxy they come from. What we do know is that they are heading towards us.... and fast! It seems that they have been lured by low gas, fast transactions and a great community.

Our Team

  • Bart

    Software developer with years of experience, some of which in the blockchain area. Crypto enthusiast and NFT investor.

  • Notaro

    Our Artist. He has been creating art for years now which has been displayed in a number of galleries. His passion for new technologies has lead him to exploring the CNFT space

  • Jack

    Marketing specialist, handles all the day to day with Bart. Before switching over to Cardano, he spent some time in the Ethereum NFT world.

Policy ID

This is the !ONLY! Policy ID we will be currently using for Cardabots!


10% of Goodness

The Cardabot plan is World Domination, not World Destruction. We will eventually take over from those who have so negligently managed this planet. For the time being though, we will be trying to help save this dying rock. This is our Goodness Pledge.

10% of proceeds from the Main Launch will be donated to Veritree. Deploying all 4500 bots will help plant around 15,700 trees across different parts of Madagascar, Indonesia, Nepal, Kenya, Senegal and Haiti.

It's an evil plan that’s 10% good.

Cardabots NFT Daisy
Cardabots rocket

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